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Welcome back to the second semester of the 2015-16 school year. The first semester was a great success. As discussed in the fall, we put several new things in place to help students and teachers best prepare for the new TNReady standards and testing. After walking through our classrooms time and time again, I can see that everyone in our building is on target with where we need to be. Your children have risen to the challenge of thinking more critically and using technology to communicate their thoughts.

I look for the second semester to be just as successful as the first. As you know, we have implemented a few new strategies this school year. ICU, Overtime and Activity period are all concepts we have put in place to try and improve student learning and motivation. We will continue to monitor these programs in the second semester. Before the year ends I will be sending out a survey to get the thoughts of teachers, parents, and students. We have also been keeping data on these programs. A look at the data and the results of the survey will tell us which programs we need to move forward with, which may need some tweaking and which may need to go all together. Just as we did last year, anytime we look to make big changes I will always reach out to all stakeholders to ensure everyone has a voice.

A big part of our second semester will be TNReady testing. This will occur in two parts. Part I will be from February 8th to March 4th and will include SS, Math, and ELA. Part II will occur between April 18th and May 13th. This will also include SS, Math, and ELA.  The window for the science test will be between April 25th and May 6th.  Attached you will find the testing schedule for part I so you can see exactly when and where your child will be testing. As always attendance will be very important for these days. One important thing to note is while the windows for testing take up several weeks, your child will only test 4 times in part I and 4 times in part II. The other days they will be in class getting normal instruction.

Finally, as many of you know we had an outstanding year in cookie dough sales. Teachers and students embraced our challenge and managed to have some fun along the way. As a result, we have been able to improve our building once again.  We have ordered 30 chromebooks for our teachers to check out and use in the classrooms. This will give our students another opportunity to access curriculum through technology and improve their skills on computers. Both are important for immediate and long term success of your child.  This does not happen without the support of the wonderful Hawkins parents and community. For that I am truly grateful.

I hope everyone enjoyed the break. I look forward to seeing everyone again in 2016.


Mitch Flood





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