Hawkins Middle School


1.  We will not bully others.

2.  We will try to help students when they are bullied.

3.  We will try to include students who are left out.

4.  If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.


Commando Pride Pledge

This is for me. . .

. . . my friends today. . .

and my friends tomorrow.

I think being mean stinks. . .

I won't watch someone get picked on

Because I am a do something person. . .

. . .not a do nothing person.

I care.

I can help change things.

I am a leader.

In my world there are no bullies allowed.

Bullying is bad. . .

Bullying bothers me.

I know sticking up for someone is the right thing to do.

My name is __________________.

and I won't stand by. . .

I will stand up!






Our Shared Vision

Sumner County Schools is a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers, and school communities.

Mission Statement

Sumner County Schools commits to growing learners who are college and career ready through quality instruction, effective use of resources, building a collaborative culture, and strong leadership.